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NATO SET-157 Lecture Series:

Multisensor Fusion: Advanced Methodology and Applications

In the last years, significant advances in distributed senor networks and data fusion methodology were achieved, which have opened the doors to innovative and challenging new applications within the framework of NATO operations, thus providing essential steps towards achieving pervasive situational awareness from multiple sensor and non-sensor sources. The emerging technologies can enhance the information quality gained. As battlefield and Defence against Terrorism scenarios become more complex, with ever growing numbers of sensors and weapon systems, the challenge will be to maximize the collection of information and to use that information effectively.

The objective of this Lecture Series is to provide an introduction into modern distributed sensor networks and sophisticated modern tracking and data fusion technologies. Lectures by leading experts in this area will discuss their pros and cons and review the current developments in this area. This discussion will be based on advanced applications in various fields relevant to NATO's mission, such as covert surveillance by distributed active or passive radar/sonar networks, security assistance systems for NATO DAT, or high-precision and reliable multisensor fusion products for producing better situation pictures in NATO's ISTAR systems, for instance. The Lecture Series presents the state-of-the-art in data fusion technology and its applications, and thereby increases awareness of its value to the NATO scientific and engineering communities.

The Lecture Series team, consisting of experts from Germany, NURC, and United States, is led by Matthias Weiß from Germany. The event will be hosted in 2012 in


18-19 June 2012, Dartmouth MA(USA)

21-22 June 2012, Seattle WA (USA)

05-06 Nov. 2012, Linköping (SE)

08-09 Nov. 2012, Amsterdam (NL)

12-13 Nov. 2012, Rome (IT)

15-16 Nov. 2012, Madrid (ES)


For further information please download the two-page flyer or the poster. If more information is needed please contact the Lecture Series director by E-mail: matthias.weiss@fhr.fraunhofer.de

If you would like to register for one of the above mentione locations, please follow the provided links above.

This Lecture Series is, as all NATO education events, supported by NATO/CSO.

Some information about the supporting technical panel:

Sensors & Electronics Technology (SET)

The Sensors & Electronics Technology (SET) Panel is eager to advance technology in electronics and passive/active sensors (as they pertain to reconnaissance, surveillance, target acquisition, electronic warfare, communications, navigation) and to enhance sensor capabilities through multi-sensor integration/fusion in order to improve the operating capability and to contribute to fulfil strategic military results. As NATO war-fighters and peace-keepers continue to shift more and more towards asymmetrical warfare, SET technology have to focus on the military mission of saving lives, improving quality of life and extending our combat effectiveness. Research in the Sensors and Electronics Technology Panel concerns the phenomenology related to target signature, propagation and battle-space environment, electro-optics (or electro-optical, EO), radio frequency (RF), acoustic and magnetic sensors, antenna, signal and image processing, components, sensor hardening and electromagnetic compatibility. More information can be garnered from the official NATO website.

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