Summary and Curriculum Vitae



  • Basics antenna parameters and definitions
    • Radiation Pattern
    • Directivity
    • Gain
    • Efficiency
    • Polarization
  • Antennas for RADAR applications
    • Aperture antennas
    • Reflector antennas
    • Antenna arrays
    • Microstrip antennas
    • Folded reflectarray

About the Lectuerer

 Personal information
First name, Surname:   Dirk Heberling
Title:   Prof. Dr.-Ing.
Organisation:   RWTH Aachen



1987: Dipl.-Ing. der Nachrichtentechnik, RWTH Aachen
1987 – 1993: scientific worker at Institut für Hochfrequenztechnik (RWTH Aachen)
1993: Promotion (Dr.-Ing.) with the theme “Conformal mircostrip antennas“
1993: Group leader “Antenna technology” at IMST GmbH, Kamp-Lintfort
1995: Head of the department “Antenna” at IMST GmbH, Kamp-Lintfort
2003: Head of the department “Information & Communications systems” at IMST GmbH, Kamp-Lintfort

since Oct. 2008: Professur and director of the Institut für Hochfrequenztechnik at RWTH Aachen

Last update: 01. Dezember 2013