Context and Aim


The main focus of the International Summer School on Radar/SAR lies in particular in imparting the knowledge of the physical fundamentals and technologies of modern Radar/SAR systems and the necessary signal processing steps. Special emphasis is put on imaging radar. Considered systems and applications are regarded within civilian range and in the defense.

Contents of the lectures are:

  • Introduction and fundamentals of radar technology
  • Overview of different radar systems
  • Phased array radar and array processing: antenna technology, phased array antennas, digital beamforming (DBF), synthetic aperture radar (SAR )
  • Bi- and multistatic passive radar
  • Detection and tracking of targets
  • Antennas and scattering
  • Radar imaging
  • Special radar techniques: waveform, Terahertz imaging, ultra wideband (UWB) radar, ground penetrating radar (GPR)


The International Summer School will consist of a series of lectures given by recognized experts on the above topics and related fields of application. There will be parallel workshops accompanied by experts from Fraunhofer FHR which will strengthen the learned material. The attendees will have the opportunity to present their workshop results in a dedicated session.


The International Summer School is delighted to announce that Airbus Defence & Space (an EADS Company) is supporting this event.

Last update: 01. Dezember 2014