Call for Papers

CoSeRa 2012 will provide an excellent forum for exchanging information and discussion on a wide variety of Compressed Sensing and Radar topics. If you want to contribute to the workshop by presenting a topic of your area of expertise, feel free to submit your paper on one of the following topics:

  • CS for pulse compression
  • CS for synthetic aperture radar (SAR)
  • CS for SAR tomography
  • CS for active and passive airspace surveillance
  • CS for moving target detection
  • CS for radar clutter suppression
  • CS for MIMO architectures
  • Hardware aspects of CS
  • CS for radiometry and sonar
  • Mathematical aspects of CS in radar
  • CS in statistical signal processing

Here you can download the Call-for-Papers: CoSeRa 2012


Paper Submission

Authors are encouraged to submit a one-page abstract in English. Authors who are interested in transmitting a formatted paper can download the Workshop Templates. These templates bases on the IEEE conference templates. Hence it should be not problem in adapting the workshop paper in a manner that it fulfil the requirements of the Special Section in the TAES (see information below!).
Your paper should compliant with the following paper formatting rules:

  • The page format must be A4 (21.0 cm × 29.7 cm);
  • Use Times New Roman font, the text must be at 10pt with a line spacing of 12pt, the paper title 16pt, the section title 14pt, and the subsection title 12pt.
  • The paper abstract should not be longer than 100 words.
  • The paper must contain complete contact information of at least one of the authors (postal Address, phone, fax, and e-mail)
  • Figures, tables and equations must have separate sequential numbering
  • Captions must be centred, and placed above tables and underneath figures
  • Do not number pages, and do not use footnotes
  • MS Word users: Embed all tables, charts, figures and images within the text
  • Submit your paper as unprotected PDF file only.

You can download the PDF Creator: or
the PDF Acrobat Reader

All submissions has to performed via e-mail. Every submitted papers will be distributed on a CD-ROM during the workshop. The authors of presented papers are invited to contribute to a Special Section on Compressed Sensing applied to Radar in the IEEE Transaction on Aerospace and Electronic Systems of the IEEE AES society. Authors will be kept informed via e-mail once they have registered their papers. For help, please send an e-mail to

If you are interested in submitting a formatted paper, here are some guidelines and the possibility to download the Workshop Templates, which bases on the IEEE format.


Information about the Special Sesion in the TAES: Flyer Special Issue

All documents are provided as PDF.