National Science Foundation Student Travel Grant

The National Science Foundation of the Unites States provides support to students for attending CoSeRa 2015. The support is for students who are co-authors (preferably first author) on an accepted paper, attend a US university, and travel with a US carrier. The grants, if approved, can only be used to cover the travel expenses to attend CoSeRa 2015 and will be distributed via a reimbursement shortly after the conference. The awardees will be selected by a committee and the paper quality will be taken into consideration.

The selected students will be asked to provide a copy of their receipts (all in one document) after the conference. Then, these documents will be processed by Villanova University and checks sent to the students.

The deadline for submitting a travel grant application is April 15, 2015. For submitting your application click here. Please upload the following in EDAS:

1) A brief letter from your advisor providing your status (M.S., Ph.D., year of study) and the need for the support.

2) A document with your expected costs (transportation, meals, lodging) for attending CoSeRa 2015.

3) Paper Number(s) on which you are a first author.

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