Paper Submission

The instructions and templates for preparing your manuscript for CoSeRa 2015 are listed below. Please write and format your manuscript according to the guidelines. The paper must be submitted as a single pdf file.

Author Guidelines

The maximum number of pages that will be accepted is 5, including all figures, tables, and references. Any documents that exceed the 5 page limit will be automatically rejected. A font size no smaller than 10 points should be used throughout the paper.

We strongly recommend use of the templates below. Some basic guidelines:

  • there should be no headers/footers/page numbers

  • all fonts should be embedded

  • there should be no links

  • there should be no bookmarks

  • the title, authors' names, and authors' order should be the same as the data included in the EDAS system

Please note, that the CoSeRa organizers cannot assist the authors in solving concrete problems related with the formatting of the paper. In addition, the authors can also refer to the EDAS help tool and the FAQ's available here. We encourage authors to prepare well in advance their papers to avoid last-minute problems with the formatting close to the deadline. The following style files and templates are available for users of LaTeX and Microsoft Word:

Initial Paper Submission

Paper submission is performed using EDAS under the CoSeRa 2015 paper submission webpage. Fill out title (in Title Case), up to 5 keywords, author information, abstract (150-300 words), and choose up to 5 topics. You will then receive an email with details for uploading your pdf file. Note that upon acceptance, a final paper must be submitted along with a filled-out copyright form.

Best Student Paper Awards

The Best Student Paper Award recognizes the authors of the best student papers accepted for publication in the proceedings of the 3rd International Workshop on Compressed Sensing Theory and its Applications to Radar, Sonar and Remote Sensing. A paper is considered a student paper if and only if the first author/s is a student at the time of the paper submission. Student papers must be marked so during the paper submission. The Best Student Paper Award is shared among all students authoring the paper. All student papers can participate to the Best Student Paper Award independently of the paper area. All papers shall be equally judged. The award will be announced at an event during the conference. In case of a no-show of an awarded paper, the corresponding award will be revoked and not assigned to any other paper.

The following procedure will be followed to select the best student papers: during the review process, reviewers will be asked to assess if the student papers have award quality. Based on these reviews, the Technical Committee will select the best student paper amongst those accepted for the conference. The list of all best student papers will be published on the conference website and the authors of these papers will receive a certificate recognizing their achievement. A committee of judges will independently review again all the papers of this list and will eventually select the paper/s to be awarded with the Best Student Paper Award.

The Best Student Paper Awards will consist in a certificate, a Texas Instruments OMAP35x Evaluation Module (EVM) and some books on compressing sensing offered by the authors, Prof. Moeness Amin and Prof. Holger Rauhut.

All accepted and presented papers will be referenced by IEEEXplore

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