PCL Focus Days

In the tradition of the bi-annual PCL Focus Days you are invited to submit a contribution. It will be two day event bringing together armed forces, research institutes, and industries.



Enhancing air, ground and maritime surveillance by passive radar sensors is a promising approach for many security and surveillance operations. The focus of this event is to bring experts of bistatic and passive radar systems together to share experiences obtained through theoretical studies, modeling or experimentation and to explore the state-of-the-art in development of such techniques. It will enable a technology readiness assessment and provide a decision base of future implementation plans. This PCL Focus Days will foster the investigations and the development of such future-oriented systems and will provide synergetic effects for the different member states. It will reveal the state-of-the-art in PCL and PET techniques and will also act as a basis for possible future activities.

PCL Focus Day


Key aspects

Contributions from: • PCL and PET System design, • Operational requirements, • Optimal Sensor-System geometry, • System performance evaluation, • PCL Processing, • Signal processing of non-radar waveforms, • PCL Measurments, • Classifiers approaches in passive Radar, • Countermeasures against PCL and PET, • 3D capability, • ...
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The intention of the PCL Focus Days is to provide an international forum for experts, research engineers, and scientists working in the area of bistatic and passive Radar systems. They gain insight into current research trends, innovative sensor technologies, associated signal processing, and the subsequent data processing and transmission steps.


Location & Venue & Organization

The PCL Focus Days (23-24 May 2017) is organized by H. Kuschel and M. Weiß and will be hosted by Fraunhofer FHR, Wachtberg, Germany. Need more information, then do not hesitate to contact Dr. Matthias Weiß <matthias.weiss@fhr.fraunhofer.de>

Submission and Registration

You are cordially invited to submit a 200 word abstract outlining your contribution prior 31. December 2016 27. Januar 2017. The final presentation will be due 30 April 2017 to be included in the proceeding CD-ROM.
To register please send in the following information: first and surname, address, ID-card number to Ms. Marion Winandy (marion.winandy@fhr.fraunhofer.de) prior 31 March 2017 (as author) or 14 May 2017(as participant).