Call for Papers

9th Multistatics & Passive Radar Focus Days 2023, Bonn, Germany will provide an excellent forum for exchanging information and discussion on a wide variety of multistatic and passive/bistatic radar topics. If you want to contribute to the workshop by presenting a topic of your area of expertise, feel free to submit your paper on, but not limited to, the following topics:

  • PCL and PET system design
  • Operational requirements
  • Optimal sensor-system geometry
  • System performance evaluation
  • PCL processing
  • Signal processing of non-radar waveforms
  • PCL measurements
  • Target classification approaches in passive radar
  • Countermeasures against PCL and PET
  • 3D capability
  • ...

Here you can download the Call-for-Papers: 9th Multistatic PCL Focus Days