Programme of the 9th Multistatic PCL Focus Days 2023

On-site registration is open from 8:00 until 17:00 during the workshop.

Tuesday, 17. October 2023
12:00 Lunch
13:00 Opening Remarks by M. Weiß
13:05 Welcome by P. Knott, D. O'Hagan, D. Cristallini
13:15 Keynote 1: Overview of Bi- and Multi-Static Radar Activities
D. O'Hagan (Fraunhofer FHR, DE)
13:35 Keynote 2: Satellite based passive radar: challenges and opportunities
D. Cristallini (Fraunhofer FHR, DE)
13:55 Keynote 3: Sensing in the age of FCAS
Mario Hertzog (Airbus, DE)
Session 1
Chair: D. Bok
14:25 A study on direct signal suppression methods in FM-based passive radar
Oskar Jonsson, Axel Tryblom, Viktor Deleskog, Thomas Sjogren (FOI, SE)
14:45 Poisson multi-Bernoulli mixture filter for passive FM radar tracking
Viktor Deleskog (FOI, SE)
15:05 Multilook in DVB-T based Passive SAR Imaging
P. Gomez-del-Hoyo, P. Samczynski, D. Gromek, K. Kulpa (Warsaw University of Technology, PL)
15:25 Coffee Break
Session 2
Chair: P. Samczynski
15:50 Peralex DVB-T2 Passive Radar for Manned Aircraft Awareness: Insights and Challenges from Deploying at an Iron Ore Mine
Jean Swart (Peralex BV, NL), Johan van Heerden (Anglo American-Kumba Iron ore, SA)
16:10 Alternative strategies for reference signal reconstruction for FM-based passive radar
Stephen Paine (University of Cape Town, SA), Christof Schüpbach (Armasuisse, CH)
16:30 Application of quality of service based resource management to PNT and synchronisation problems
Sebastian Durst (Fraunhofer FHR, DE)
16:50 Multiband Passive Radar System for Air Traffic Control and Research Purposes at the Przasnysz Airfield
Marcin Żywek (Warsaw University of Technology, PL)
17:10 GNSS-disciplined Cesium Clocks for Space Radar Networks
Erik Busley, Timotej Zuntar (Fraunhofer FHR, DE)
17:30 End of Day 1
19:30 SOCIAL EVENT --> Sion im Carre Bonn
Wednesday, 18. October 2023
Session 3
Chair: C. Schüpbach
09:00 Geolocation from Multistatic Passive Radar
Robert Young, Oscar Glenister (Defence Science and Technology Group, AU)
09:20 Radar platform tracking for airborne bistatic systems
Tomas McKelvey (Calmers University, Sweden), Dammert Patrik (Saab, SE)
09:40 Plot-level fusion of passive radar and passive emitter tracking data to improve target height estimation
Martina Brötje (Fraunhofer FKIE, DE)
10:00 GNSS-based multistatic passive ISAR
Ilaria Nasso, Fabrizio Santi and Debora Pastina (Uni. Sapienza, IT)
10:20 3D mesospheric wind fields from multistatic specular meteor radar measurements using physics-informed machine learning
Miguel Urco (Leibniz Institute for Atmospheric Physics, DE)
10:40 Challenges and opportunities in 5G-based passive radars
R. Maksymiuk, K. Abratkiewicz, P. Samczynski, M. Płotka, P. J. Gomez del Hoyo, K. Kulpa (Warsaw University of Technology, PL)
11:00 Coffee Break
Session 4
Chair: M. Weiß
11:30 Feasibility of Passive radar using LTE/4G : on the use of eigenvalues for analyzing the configuration
Dominique Poullin, Abigaël Taylor (Onera, FR)
11:50 Non-Gaussian Targets in Mobile Communication Passive Radar Track-before-Detect
Benjamin Knoedler, Christian Steffes (Fraunhofer FKIE, DE)
12:10 Clutter cancellation in mobile OFDM radars through Supervised Reciprocal Filter
Andrea Quirini, Fabiola Colone, Pierfrancesco Lombardo (Uni. Sapienza, IT)
12:30 Results of Dual-Polarimetric Airborne Passive Radar
Philipp Markiton, Diego Cristallini (Fraunhofer FHR, DE)
12:50 Generalised Processing Pipeline for Analogue and Digital Signals in Passive Radar
Stephen Paine (University of Cape Town, SA)
13:10 Lunch
Session 5
Chair: M. Edrich
14:00 Cramer-Rao Lower Bound of Localization of a Moving Target by a Dynamic Multistatic Radar
Detmer, Bosma (TNO, NL), Philipp Markiton (Fraunhofer FHR, DE)
14:20 Starlink and OneWeb satellite constellations as emerging illuminators for passive radar applications
Rodrigo Blázquez-García (Fraunhofer FHR, DE), Pedro Gomez-Del-Hoyo (Warsaw University of Technology, PL), Diego Cristallini (Fraunhofer FHR, DE), Piotr Samczyński (Warsaw University of Technology, PL), Martin Ummenhofer (Fraunhofer FHR, DE), Mariia Khyzhniak2, Viktor Seidel (Fraunhofer FHR, DE), Jörg Heckenbach (Fraunhofer FHR, DE), Daniel O’Hagan (Fraunhofer FHR, DE)
14:40 Means to Improve the Use of Passive Radar in Wind Turbine Affected Areas
Pasi Pertilä, Juhani Nissilä, Juha Jylhä, Minna Väilä, Marko Tikkinen, Kai Hiltunen (Patria, FI)
15:00 Coffee Break
Session 6
Chair: D. Cristallini
15:30 Multistatic radar trials in an urban environment with drone targets
Michail Antoniou (Uni. Birmingham, UK)
15:50 Passive Radar Parasol
Marvin Friedrichsen (Dirkshof, DE)
16:10 Future Airborne Multistatic Radars: Operational Benefits and Enabler for Information Superiority
Tobias Chaloun, Christoph Fischer, Tim Kistenfeger, Ruben Kobbert, Felix Rüting (Hensoldt, DE)
16:30 Closing Remarks / End of PCL Focus Days
D. O'Hagan
16:40 End of Focus Days